Meta Mate for RapidWeaver 6

Meta Mate 1.1.14 is ready for you! This version ensures compatibility with RapidWeaver 6.

RapidWeaver 5.4 users please note – you may have to manually upgrade from Meta Mate 1.1.13. To do this, open Finder, press Command+Shift+G, and type ~/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver. Drop the unzipped plugin file here. Open RapidWeaver.

Download Meta Mate now!

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Cause All Route Changes to Full Page Reload Angular JS

Inheriting a codebase isn’t fun. Even less fun if the code is filled with so many memory leaks that the only solution is to force a full page load on every route change. Below is a solution that works well in modern browsers, and IE9.

Note the check for changedFrom and changedTo. Without these, an infinite loop will occur.

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Amazon RDS Instance Connection Limits

Connection limits for a selection of Amazon RDS instances, as provided by AWS support staff:

  • db.m1.small: 121
  • db.m1.medium: 296
  • db.m3.medium: 296
  • db.m1.large: 604
  • db.m1.xlarge: 1232
  • db.m2.xlarge: 1406
  • db.m2.4xlarge: 2836
  • db.cr1.8xlarge: 20463
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Meta Mate, Open Graph and Facebook

While developing a site with Rapid Weaver and Meta Mate, the Facebook Object Debugger is extremely useful. It shows exactly what Facebook and other services will see when they attempt to extract Open Graph information from your pages.

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Switching to Vim #1 – Start at the beginning

The most helpful tip I read after deciding to use Vim exclusively was initially a massive PITA. Disable the arrow keys. If you really do want to learn Vim properly, do this.

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