Amazon RDS Instance Connection Limits

Connection limits for a selection of Amazon RDS instances, as provided by AWS support staff:

  • db.m1.small: 121
  • db.m1.medium: 296
  • db.m3.medium: 296
  • db.m1.large: 604
  • db.m1.xlarge: 1232
  • db.m2.xlarge: 1406
  • db.m2.4xlarge: 2836
  • db.cr1.8xlarge: 20463
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Meta Mate, Open Graph and Facebook

While developing a site with Rapid Weaver and Meta Mate, the Facebook Object Debugger is extremely useful. It shows exactly what Facebook and other services will see when they attempt to extract Open Graph information from your pages.

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Switching to Vim #1 – Start at the beginning

The most helpful tip I read after deciding to use Vim exclusively was initially a massive PITA. Disable the arrow keys. If you really do want to learn Vim properly, do this.

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Switching from Sublime Text 2 to Vim

Compared to using an editor like Sublime Text 2, vim is hard. The way one interacts with vim compared to other editors seems about as different as Chinese is to English. Knowing this, why the hell would anyone want to learn it? Here are my reasons.

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Customizing the E-Junkie Shopping Cart: Translation

Following up on my post on how to fully customize the E-Junkie cart visually, this post describes how to translate the E-Junkie shopping cart.
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