Visiting Hangzhou, Day #3


This post was originally published in 2007
It may contain stale & outdated information. Or it may have grown more awesome with age, like the author.

I have been writing this on my MACBOOK while in Hangzhou. Yes, I have a MACBOOK. I have a MACBOOK because they are cool, and I am also cool. Also the interface doesn't suck, though that line that everything "just works" is arse. Sure, everything "just works" for me, but I have to do programming papers. Everything "just works" for me in Windows and Linux as well, because I have the pasty skin and thick glasses of a computer nerd. I assure you, if you are Mr./Mrs average Joe, you'll find something to get confused about with a MACBOOK. One thing that is far better is that the OS is based on UNIX, so the terminal is available, if you swing that way (I do). Also, there are about 1~2 viruses. Not that you shouldn't have a virus scanner anyway, else you risk sending viruses to your less fortunate friends, who aren't cool/rich enough to own a MACBOOK. One thing PC users can do that MAC users can't I'm tired. Ignore that which is above. Below is a half-hearted attempt at a blog entry, and below that you will find two more entries that I wrote while away. Found a funny brochure in a drawer in the hotel today, all about AIDS. Glad I don't have AIDS. According to the brochure AIDS is a star-shaped scary face, that can live both inside and outside a pregnant woman's womb. If this happens the AIDS will generate a blue and a red arrow, I'm not sure that they are supposed to indicate. Also it is either good or bad to observe a clean person using a needle while a dirty person grins at them. The brochure wasn't that informative, but that is probably because I couldn't read every third character or so. Today we are going to see a cave. Caves rank just below fish on the scale of awesome, so I'm pretty excited. I hope my photos are all sharply focused, so I don't have to bother explaining everything in too much detail. After finishing lunch, it turns out that we don't have enough time to go to the cave today. That is OK because there are plenty of caves in New Zealand, and I have seen a lot of them. Instead we are going to see a different tower. Before going to the tower we went to some place with a bunch of small shops. None of the shops sold anything I wanted, but some of the wares were interesting. Yvonne's parents bought a lot of tea from the tea shop, and spent quite some time looking at all of the dried leaves. While this was happening Yvonne and I watched a street artist draw pictures of a very vain looking couple. The same artist had pictures of some famous people stuck on his wall. The only one I recognized was Jet Li. Jet Li was smiling, probably because he had just had a look at his bank account, which I am sure is filled with money. Further down the street there was a stall selling toffee sculptures, which were very nice. I took a few pictures of them, and one of Yvonne and the chef. Like all of the China that I have seen, there were a lot of statues of lions around, and I diligently photographed them all. China seems to have a lot of statues in general, a large proportion of which portray normal people doing normal things. There is one of a white tourist using his camcorder, but I haven't found that one yet. I think there were about two shops selling fake swords. The second tower was next. This tower is much older, and much taller than the other one. It differed in that it lacked an elevator as well. Yvonne and I agreed to have a race to the top, which wasn't very fair really. I won, surprise! We were both very tired by the time we reached the top. The stairs were very steep. The view was very nice, it was a shame that the wind didn't pick up, which would have shifted the "fog" as Yvonne calls it. Still, nice tower. Went to some flash hotel restaurant for dinner, which was tasty. I have yet to eat a meal that was not tasty. Train time, which was awesome for the first five minutes, then boring. The train is fast, did I mention that? Fast. I'm tired so I'll just ramble on for a little while to pad out this post, then upload. The subway station was packed, as everyone from the train wanted to go in the same direction. We waited for the next one, which was OK because they come every five minutes. Subways are fun to ride, and maximally convenient. I can't wait until 2050, by which time Auckland should finally have one. At one stop someone almost got crushed in the door, which was amusing. The bus ride back was totally packed, and I really do mean packed. Like, people were almost sitting on each other. We never have public transport operating as efficiently as that in New Zealand. We got on at the first stop, so we all had a seat, ha ha ha. The bus driver smoked the whole way, like most public transport drivers. When we arrived home I immediately began ignoring everyone, as I had been without the internet for three whole days (apart from the few minutes here and there that I could steal from that moron who didn't have a password on his wireless account). Hangzhou is very nice, and has some interesting places to see, but I like Shanghai more. Going to the big aquarium tomorrow which I guarantee will be awesome. Then, if Yvonne can peel me from the glass walls of the tanks, we'll go to the technology museum.
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