Cybercity (again…), Start of New Photo Series: ‘Toilets of China’, Some Work


This post was originally published in 2008
It may contain stale & outdated information. Or it may have grown more awesome with age, like the author.

I haven’t really done much of any real interest since the last entry, so instead of wowing you with lies about things that didn’t happen, I’ll just type until I get bored about whatever I want. Sure, lies about awesome exploits would be more interesting, but I don’t want to ruin my “online reputation”. Just kidding. The real reason I’m not going to write a whole lot of lies is because I know too many people would believe it, and waste my time not understanding when I told them “it was a joke, I was bored.”

So… what have I been doing lately? I went to Cybercity again, because I’m addicted to the place. Also we had to get a memory card for Yvonne’s new camera. Don’t think that all we bought was what we intended to buy, oh no. Our intention was to buy a memory card, but we left with a memory card, a screen protector, a camera bag and two keyboard covers. This time our favourite salesman was there, so we didn’t shop around at all. The memory card is a Kingston 4 GB – 380å…ƒ – NZ$62.70. I thought this was an OK deal, but I haven’t done any research. I forget how much the rest cost, not too much though. 4 GB is a ridiculous size. At the highest quality setting we can take 996 photos, or 32 minutes of video. This is a huge improvement, from 51 photos at full quality on the old camera. I will now be documenting each step I take outside. When we were choosing the memory card, the salesman asked to see the camera. He saw that we lacked a screen cover, and while asking us if we wanted one, he fixed one to the screen. We saw that it wasn’t coming off in a hurry, and mentioned that his sales technique was effective. His English is very good, much better than average. It is good enough for him to get the idea of what Yvonne and I are talking about, when we use English to discuss whether or not whatever item we’re looking at is worth buying at the given price. He’ll use this information to calculate a lower price, or interject with information about the product in question, showing that he knows what we’re talking about. About the camera case – we had one when we came in! Now we have two.

By the time we left, night had fallen. Yvonne wanted to go pay her respects to Kanebo, so I trailed along behind. I sat on an uncomfortable stool while Yvonne talked about different methods of worship. Eventually she decided on a suitable monetary sacrifice, and received her blessing, a bag filled with special paint. I often see her kneeling alone in front of a mirror using these paints to “pray.”

After the make up store we decided to go home. On the way we passed a building, that during the day looks rather unremarkable, aside from the fact that it has a big sphere sticking out the front. At night, however… It is transformed into an amazing orb of light. I took a video of it, you can see it here.

* * *

When I am not out doing things, I’m sitting on the couch (my office) making websites.

The websites I have made are:

Pages of Interest (this site)

Waikato Golden Key


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Also, I’m announcing the beginning of the “Toilets Series” photo page, where I will post photos of toilets. The quality range varies greatly in China, some are absolute luxury, some are simple holes in the ground. Some of the holes in the ground are still pretty luxurious, you’ll see what I mean in the future.

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