Back in New Zealand

At the Singapore Airport, I tried to take photos of the guards again, but I was no more successful than last time. They are very heavily armed. hanging from the back of their belt they have a 9″ knife, on their leg they have a pistol, and in their hands they have MP5 sub-machine guns. They appear tough, and walk around in groups of three, eyeballing everyone.

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This Westerner’s First Chinese New Year

If manliness is measured by the amount of foreign festivals one has experienced, then last Thursday I became entitled to a bushy lumberjack beard, as this was the first day of Chinese New Year. I’m not going to wear a lumberjack beard though, to Yvonne I’m hairy enough, simply because of my race. A lumberjack beard would be too much, I’ll save it for the future, in case I ever need to “spice things up”.

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Last post I mentioned that Yvonne and I made an igloo. That statement was true. Our tools were: one bucket and one spade. It took about two hours.

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Belly Thunder, The Dictionary of the Gods

Half-way to the subway station, my stomach gave me another warning. I paid heed, and returned to the toilet.

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Been Awhile…

I learned yet another way to say “but” – “不过”. Now I know about 4 ways to say “but”.

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