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This post was originally published in 2008
It may contain stale & outdated information. Or it may have grown more awesome with age, like the author.

Somehow I screwed everything up again, and had to go through a few hours of frustration and confusion.

It paid off, the Javascript works well now, and I’ve finished one set. It even works perfectly in IE6 AND with Accordion! Tomorrow I’ve just got to create a few more styles, then I’ll be able to release it.

I’m not sure how I’ll sell them, as a pack or as individual styles? I might do both – sell each style individually and offer a discount for those who purchase multiple styles at a time. I think it makes more sense that way, as some people won’t want to use all of the styles on their website, while some developers will want various styles so they can demo them to prospective clients. Also, if I do it that way I’ll be able to add more styles to the store as I make them, without having to wait for X amount to release them as a pack.

I’ll think about it some more though, after I’ve made the styles.

I’m sure you’ll all like it, no matter how it is packaged.

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