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This post was originally published in 2008
It may contain stale & outdated information. Or it may have grown more awesome with age, like the author.

Yvonne (王晓岚) and I are married!

The two people (probably an overestimation) reading this will probably know anyway, but yep, we’re married.

Before we got married though, we had an engagement party. My Mum organised it, and it was great. If you are more of a visual learner, perhaps you should skip my textual description and just look at the engagement party photos.

The party was held at the family’s beach house, which is at Mt. Manganui. The house is very nice, and well suited for such an event. It was quite a way from Hamilton though, which meant that a few people couldn’t come. A lot of the guests came down from Auckland though, and they said that for them it didn’t matter, as travel time from Auckland to Hamilton was about the same as from Auckland to The Mount.

My Mum, Yvonne and myself went to the beach house a few days before the party, to give us plenty of time to prepare. We didn’t do very much the first day, just went to the hotpools and then watched a movie. We watched “Man of the Year”, which was pretty good. The next day we put up the decorations and went shopping. Some of my family arrived, and they helped. I hung up the red and yellow crepe paper around the lounge walls. Then I just wandered about trying to look busy until about 8, when Yvonne and I went to see my friends. They had rented an apartment nearby and were having drinks. The apartment they rented was very nice. They had one of those video intercom units, allowing people to talk to them from the front desk. Stephen’s girlfriend was paranoid that they were going to spy on them, so she hung a piece of paper over the whole phone. I thought that was pretty funny. It said in their agreement that they weren’t allowed to smoke outside on the balcony, which my friends found appalling. The only other option involved a 2 minute wak through the complex to get outside. Instead of embarking on such an arduous journey everytime they wanted a cigarrette, they would simple “hide” below the safety barrier on the balcony. I though this was hilarious because though they hid themselves, they could do nothing about the smoke itself. Also I kept forgetting to talk quitely, and even that I was supposed to hide when I accompanied them outside. I wasn’t allowed out after doing this a few times.

On the day of the party there was more organising, which won’t be talked about. The party started at about 8. A whole bunch of people came, and they all had fun (or they lied). I spent a lot of my time wandering around, making sure all the guests felt comfortable. A few people were brave enough to come all that way even though they only knew one person there, and I had to make sure people were being nice to them. Everything went really well though, and I’m certain no-one felt ignored. My Dad came, which was great as I hadn’t seen him in a long time. His head was shaved, which was unexpected. He says it is because he gets too hot, and it was the most effective way to cool himself down. No arguing with that! When I opened the door, I was a) surprised and happy to see him b) surprised that he had no hair. This surprise changed to shock when I heard him say “Oi Oi Oi*”! I laughed, and he looked confused. I had to explain what I thought he said, which made him a little more confused. Turns out he was just laughing. Maybe the two beers I had drunk by then affected me more than I thought.

Jeffrey got pretty drunk, which was interesting because I had never seen him drink before. None of my friends got really drunk and obnoxious, which was great. Nor did any of my relatives, but I wouldn’t expect them to do that.

Sometime during the night it was cake and speech time. The cake was absolutely wonderful, the greatest engagement in the history of the world. Why? It was covered in Nintendo characters, lego and had a little dragon. Also it was pink, which was important to Yvonne. The dragon, in Chinese culture means that the emperor is getting married, which I thought was fitting, as I often refer to myself as GUAREN GET MEANING, which is how an emperor refers to himself (like we say “I am going to do ….” the emperor would say “guaren yao zuo….”). The two red towers of lego are Chinese characters – “double happiess”, and are customarily associated with weddings. I made them out of lego myself – yes I am that clever. The characters are pronouced “xǐxǐ”:

喜:比如: 喜出望外
Xǐ: example: xǐ chū wàng wài

My aunt baked and iced the cake, and transported it all the way from Auckland. The icing, in case you were wondering, was strawberry flavour. The cake was wonderful, I think I said that. Yvonne and I had the honour of slicing it, and we did it well. I had the idea of slicing one whole front section. Mum didn’t think this was a good idea, but pigheadedness combined with a little alcohol meant that I was immune to suggestion. What was certain was that there were plenty of slices for everyone. Some time after cake and other items of food, it was time for people to embarrass me with speeches. My Grandad spoke first, and his speech was the best. Afterwards, some other people spoke. The most notable speaker (other than my Grandad, of course) was Stephen, who told everyone how great I am. I felt a little uncomfortable, because up until now I thought that this was obvious, and was a little embarrased for those who hadn’t yet realised, and needed telling. After Stephen’s rousing speech, I was peer-pressured into giving my Chinese speech. I read it, and everyone told me how good it was, even though they couldn’t understand it. The two Chinese people in the room told me “马马虎虎,因该练习你说的发音!”I said nothing, because “if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all”.

After the speeches, everyone was allowed to continue drinking/socialising.

Some time later, maybe 12, most of my relatives left. My friends stayed for awhile, but they were tired from the previous night’s drinking. Also, they were dumb enough to think that climbing the mountain after such a night was a good idea. Stephen and Craig stayed, which was good. We continued unitl Craigs’ cask of wine (only the best) was gone.

Then they went home and the party officially ended.

Then, some time later, we got married!

(more on that in another post)

*This is a typical thing for skinheads to say, right before they punch your face.

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