Fancy Footer Update

I’ve updated the Fancy Footer snippet, now Trackbacks/Pingbacks will be able to find your posts – the previous version’s implementation was … lacking.

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Search Box Above Nav Menu with Rapidsearch 2.0

This is a short tutorial that aims to explain how to place a search box at the top of the sidebar, above the navigation menu. This will require some fiddling with code – don’t be afraid! I’ll do my best to walk you through it.

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Styling JS-Kit Comments

Styling JS-Comments is really quite straightforward. I strongly recommend you read this post before moving on, as it contains tips on resizing JS-Kit elements, such as the width/height of comments, among other things.

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OpenCyc/ResearchCyc in Ubuntu

The following are the exact steps I took to get OpenCyc running in Ubuntu 8.10. Without this thread I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

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Ubuntu 8.10 on a Macbook

Installing Ubuntu 8.10 took 15 minutes.

I cannot believe how easy it was.

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