No Sound in Ubuntu Jaunty With Intel HDA VT1708B


This post was originally published in 2009
It may contain stale & outdated information. Or it may have grown more awesome with age, like the author.

After becoming terminally annoyed with a my broken Intrepid installation, I decided to install Jaunty.

While I was enjoying the new growl-esque notification system, I noticed a flaw – no program would make any. Not a peep.

Headphones plugged in, check. Volume sliders in gnome-sound-properties all the way up, check. Hmm… Restart. Same. Uh… Reinstall. Nope.

So I tried everything Google could throw at the problem, to no avail.

After a day of mashing my fingers on the keyboard I gave up and resigned myself to code in silence.

It took me an hour to start searching for a solution – I found this thread: after Jaunty upgrade, no sound exept from OSS. There was no solution there, but happy to have found other to share my plight, I posted.

Post #9 was my solution.

For some reason “Independ” was turned “ON” in alsamixer. Switching this to “OFF” resulted in sound. WTF? I don’t know either. Nor do I care, as I now have sound.

Included is a screenshot of the section of alsamixer that needed punching:

Alsamixer Options

To see the relevant option in a normal sized Terminal window I had to press right a few times.

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