Wife Joins the Blogosphere – piggypeach.com


This post was originally published in 2009
It may contain stale & outdated information. Or it may have grown more awesome with age, like the author.

My wife has a blog!

I’m not how often she’ll post, or if she will post at all, but she’s got one. I guess she’ll write about makeup and cooking, and maybe what it’s been like for her, being a Chinese person living in New Zealand.

Who knows.

She made the whole site herself with Rapid Weaver. I did help, but every time I made a change I reversed it so she’d be able to learn, heh.

It’s pretty cute, from the domain name to the content :)

Check it out: PiggypeacH!

Update: She’s moved! Her new address is http://piggypeach.ecpod.com/

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