Arrived in Shanghai!


This post was originally published in 2010
It may contain stale & outdated information. Or it may have grown more awesome with age, like the author.

Yesterday at around 7 AM we arrived in Shanghai!

The airport seems to have been upgraded since we were here last, it looked very flash and was easy to navigate – all signs are in Chinese and English.

The customs staff were as friendlyt as last time, and kindly directed us to where we wanted to go when we got lost looking for the Maglev terminal.

Our plan was to get our luggage, find the Maglev terminal then take it to the subway station, then take the new Line 7 to Shanghai University. This line has been recently finished, and is something we were really excited about.

The Maglev train took only 8 minutes to travel over 30 KM, which was impressive. As we kept our boarding passes, the tickets were even cheaper than usual, being only 80 RMB for two. It was good fun, and impressive to travel on.

We had to wait about 30 minutes for line 7’s subway train to start, which was a welcome relief as we had been rushing since we got off the plane.

The subway ride took about 50 minutes, which was longer than we were expecting – the line is over 30 KM long and has many stops. The ride was smooth though, so my only problem was keeping myself awake :)

When we got off the subway, we weren’t sure which exit to take, so we took the nearest. This proved to be a rather silly move on our part, as we had to cross the road just outside the exit, which meant we missed Yvonne’s parents as they were walking under the road (through the subway station) to meet us!

We strolled to their house and waited for a little while. I was standing just inside the doorway when I saw Yvonne’s mum walking back, looking with a rather confused expression at the open gate. She was quite surprised to see me standing in the doorway!

After eating our fill of “xiao long bao”, I was sent to bed.

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