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Yesterday, on my day off I found my hands refused to quit typing code. Not wanting to get overloaded with work programming, I thought I’d give my own site some much-needed attention. After installing all the crap I use to “make updating my site easier” /sarcasm, I found that sometime between now and the last update ( Jan 2010 ) I had lost the template files for the site. This was a big deal, because without the template files, there is no way for me to make minor changes.

After sobbing and rocking in the corner for an hour or so, it occurred to me that I should not ignore the idea that I could instead make major changes to the site. So I did.

I hunted around the ‘net to find a suitably awesome theme – I don’t have time to hand-code this site like I would when I’m on the job. I found one at NCD ThemesN Spire. I’ve modified it a little, both to make it work well with WP-Blog, and because there were a few niggly things I didn’t like. I feel the end result is very pleasing on the eye. Thanks Nick!

On a somewhat amusing note, one of the things that most attracted me to this theme was the massive background image and the potential for me to use my own images in place of the stock pictures supplied. After toying around with my own images for some time, I found that they suck in comparison. In my defense, I lost most of the pictures I took in Hong Kong after we got our new camera, some of them would have been perfect *sob*.

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