Monsters ( 2010 )


This post was originally published in 2010
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Just finished watching the second half of this movie. Here is opinion:

Long. Dark. Boring.

The occasions we were allowed to actually see the monsters, the did look good. The special effects were good – but there wasn’t much.

I think the monsters were visible 2, maybe 3 times – the final viewing was the longest and most clear, but disappointing in that it was within 3 minutes of the end, so we knew nothing interesting was going to happen.

For a movie with the setup it has – a NASA probe breaks up over Mexico, seeding vast tracts of land with a virulent and massive alien life form – Monster fails rather spectacularly to deliver.

Overview: movie opens to a black screen with “this is a true story-esque” text outlining the situation. Situation: Mexico is covered in massive aliens.

Next scene was promising – a solider-cam view of the US army facing off against one of them. It left us thinking that there would be much more action.

The rest of the movie consisted of two people we had no emotional connection to wandering aimlessly across “The Infected Zone”, with very little intensity or anxiety, considering the environment.

The end left me wishing I’d never started watching at all.


Monsters ( 2010 )

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