Corporate Ipsum


This post was originally published in 2011
It may contain stale & outdated information. Or it may have grown more awesome with age, like the author.

The other day I needed some Ipsum copy, but wasn’t on my normal computer.

Instead of my lame, normal Ipsum generator I came across this: Coporate Ipsum.

It is gold.


Proactively enable covalent models through frictionless interfaces. Assertively engineer fully researched best practices whereas customized solutions. Credibly administrate quality core competencies after real-time innovation.

Competently productize cross-unit quality vectors via open-source supply chains. Assertively integrate orthogonal technologies whereas intermandated platforms. Enthusiastically predominate future-proof ideas vis-a-vis standardized expertise.

Holisticly visualize intuitive infomediaries without fully researched e-services. Energistically provide access to exceptional methods of empowerment via viral quality vectors. Dramatically iterate exceptional supply chains for plug-and-play processes.

You want this!Uniquely enhance fully researched materials vis-a-vis B2B sources. Continually maximize synergistic data with future-proof human capital. Intrinsicly benchmark business experiences with inexpensive intellectual capital.

Proactively disseminate cost effective web services for go forward customer service. Intrinsicly cultivate orthogonal channels for world-class ROI. Globally procrastinate leading-edge strategic theme areas rather than ubiquitous models.

Efficiently deploy compelling ROI for transparent partnerships. Assertively engage goal-oriented metrics without innovative applications. Distinctively redefine global quality vectors and technically sound solutions.

Dramatically promote viral services without technically sound portals. Collaboratively brand functionalized synergy with synergistic convergence.

It almost makes total sense!

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