Slider 2.1 Released!


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I’m happy to announce the release of Slider 2.1. The first major upgrade to Slider 2 represents a vast array of bugfixes and tweaks. The GUI has been re-worked, and a major feature has been added: the Slidebrary.

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The Slidebrary allows one to save your favourite Slider 2 settings for use in other pages and projects. More than this, it allows one to import and export these settings. Start sharing!

Below is a more comprehensive list of fixes and upgrades that have made it into this release:


  • Save your Slider 2 settings for use between projects
  • Export your Slidebrary items to share with the community
  • Simply drag Slidebrary items onto the Slidebrary to import!


  • Reorganized tab styling UI
  • Improved Slider 2’s HTML
  • Added portal body text colour controls, checkbox logic, save / loading and CSS insertion
  • Updated to jQuery 1.7.1


  • Added custom save / load sheets
  • Improved saving / loading of Slider 2 settings
  • Fixed issue preventing borders from being drawn in some situations
  • Added proper error handling to prevent Slider 2 from causing Rapid Weaver to crash when things go pear shaped
  • Fixed issue causing export to fail if any image wells are empty
  • Fixed bug that prevented background image from being generated when CSS Only checkbox was checked
  • Updated various tooltips
  • Fixed a bug that caused idle background images not to reappear after the Slider cell had been changed
  • Make sure background repeat radio buttons are selected properly
  • Updated tab wrapper height and width text input & label tooltips
  • Added padding, margin 0 overrides for single tab idle CSS
  • Prevent bug causing a crash when copying tab settings to all cells
  • Add icon position CSS
  • Tab icon is no longer created if the user hasn’t checked the ‘idle’ && ‘icon’ checkboxes
  • Hover icon checkbox and controls are now disabled when idle is unchecked
  • Fixed bug where tab hover text styles were applied even when hover styles had been disabled
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