Chinese Idiom Database

I’ve rewritten my old Chinese Idiom Database completely, partly as an excuse to learn Symfony. The new database has over 12,000 Chinese Idioms!

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PHP Socializer Add Social Share Buttons Easily

For the longest time I held off adding share buttons to this site. When I finally decided to add them, I found it difficult to decide which solution to run with. I knew that I definitely didn't want to manually paste the HTML/JavaScript for each button, neither did I want to use some branded solution, like Add This. I experimented with various solutions, including the Shareaholic Wordpress plugin. Although I no longer use it, I do like this plugin a lot. It is easy to install and works as advertised. Ultimately though, it wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted something different - a flexible way to easily insert native share buttons, with as little code as possible. Just the buttons, fully configurable. No branding. PHP Socializer is my attempt at implementing this.
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Doxygen Graph Generation Issue “Error: dot: can’t open {dot file}”

Running Doxygen (1.7.4, Ubuntu 11.10) over one of the larger PHP applications we use at PANmedia, I ran into this error:

Error: dot: can't open /var/workspace/app/documentation/html/

Experimentation led to the following solution: switch DOT_CLEAN off, either via the Doxygen GUI (pictured) or directly in the Doxygen configuration file.


What does this do?

If the DOT_CLEANUP tag is set to YES (the default) Doxygen will remove the intermediate dot files that are used to generate the various graphs.

I recall running into this error over a year ago (last time I used Doxygen), and it wasn’t until I stumbled onto the solution that I remembered solving it in the same way last time.

Documenting the solution here means that next time I use Doxygen after a long time away, I won’t have to repeat the process.

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PHPBB3 Anti-Spam Registration Question

I administrate a few PHPBB3 forums, and recently noticed one had a BIG spam problem. I had naively assumed that PHPBB3’s version of CAPTCHA would stop the bots at the gate – oops.

Manually deleting 100’s of spam accounts from my forum wasn’t fun.

Determined to prevent this from happening again, I asked Google what to do. Google’s answer was this:

Anti-bot Question

It’s effective, integrates well and is easy to install.

Customize the question to suit your forum

Customize the question to suit your forum

You don’t want to experience a bot infestation – prevention is better than a cure.

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JS-Kit Recent Comments PHP Script

This script reads recent posts from your site’s comment rss feed and prints n comments out in a nicely formatted div. Using it is as simple as changing one line, uploading the file, and pasting some code wherever you want the recent comments to be displayed.

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