Meta Mate for RapidWeaver 6

Meta Mate 1.1.14 is ready for you! This version ensures compatibility with RapidWeaver 6.

RapidWeaver 5.4 users please note – you may have to manually upgrade from Meta Mate 1.1.13. To do this, open Finder, press Command+Shift+G, and type ~/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver. Drop the unzipped plugin file here. Open RapidWeaver.

Download Meta Mate now!

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Meta Mate, Open Graph and Facebook

While developing a site with Rapid Weaver and Meta Mate, the Facebook Object Debugger is extremely useful. It shows exactly what Facebook and other services will see when they attempt to extract Open Graph information from your pages.

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Strange Pasteboard Behaviour in Lion

When Rapid Weaver was launched from a tmux session, I was unable to use drag & drop or copy/paste. CoreDragCreate and CoreDragDispose errors were output to the tmux session when attempting either. This article describes the issue and introduces a workaround.

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Code Complete & ACEView Updates

For the past few nights I’ve been working on fixes & improvements to ACEView, the framework providing the lovely syntax highlighting used in Code Complete

  • Thanks to the suggestions from vladubogdan on Github, I was able to fix the discrepancy between where one clicks and where the cursor appeared when in “Find” or “Find & Replace” mode.
  • Migrating from the old syntax highlighter to ACEView caused Markdown & Multimarkdown to stop working, this is now fixed
  • Various minor fixes & updates to ACEView were migrated to Code Complete.

I also spent time adding some very basic unit tests to ACEView, which was challenging as ACEView really has to be displayed in a GUI for it to work. The Cocoa With Love article A sample Mac application with complete unit tests was very helpful here.

Download Code Complete to see the changes in action!

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Adding the Content-language Meta Tag to a Rapid Weaver Theme

Sometimes one needs to add special meta tags to a project, like the “Content-Language” meta tag, which tells robots which language is used on a site.

One way to add such a custom meta tag to a Rapid Weaver project is to add it directly to the theme’s index.html file.

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