Amazon RDS Instance Connection Limits

Connection limits for a selection of Amazon RDS instances, as provided by AWS support staff:

  • db.m1.small: 121
  • db.m1.medium: 296
  • db.m3.medium: 296
  • db.m1.large: 604
  • db.m1.xlarge: 1232
  • db.m2.xlarge: 1406
  • db.m2.4xlarge: 2836
  • db.cr1.8xlarge: 20463
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The Pirate Bay Moves to the Cloud

The Pirate Bay is going to move some or all of its front-end servers onto small drones capable of loitering kilometers high. Articles and ideas like this get me thinking that finally, that future promised to me by the 60’s sci-fi is finally here.

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