Meta Mate 1.0.12 Released!

I’ve just released an update to Meta Mate, a meta tag management plugin for Rapid Weaver. Added “keywords” predefined meta type, fixed the font rendering in the license view, and updated the warning displayed when one adds more than one instance to a project.

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Slider 2.1 Released!

I’m happy to announce the release of Slider 2.1. The first major upgrade to Slider 2 represents a vast array of bugfixes and tweaks. The GUI has been re-worked, and a major feature has been added: the Slidebrary.

The Slidebrary allows one to save your favourite Slider 2 settings for use in other pages and projects. More than this, it allows one to import and export these settings. Start sharing!

Read on for a more comprehensive list of fixes and upgrades that have made it into this release:

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Archive Annihilator Improved Again

The solution for the “sidebar explosion” effect that the Archive Annihilator caused occurred to me earlier today. The fix was pretty simple, the fact that I didn’t think of it right away is a little embarrassing.

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