ACEView Becomes a CocoaPod

Being a big fan of avoiding dependency hell wherever possible, I was overjoyed to discover CocoaPods. CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Cocoa projects. Instead of manually downloading and adding frameworks and components to a Cocoa project, CocoaPods does it for you.

Specify the libraries for your project in an easy to edit text file. Then use CocoaPods to resolve all dependencies, fetch the source, and set up your Xcode workspace.

To use ACEView with CocoaPods, add it to your project’s pod file, follow the instructions for adding a pod to your project on the CocoaPods site.

ACEView CocoaPod project

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ACEView Documentation Released

As a step on the journey towards becoming a first-class Cocoa citizen, ACEView has attained its very own documentation!

I’ve documented the publicly-accessible classes as best I can, using the wonderful appledoc tool. One may view the ACEView documentation online, in the relevant header files, or build it for use within Xcode. If ACEView is included via CocoaPods and appledoc is installed, the documentation will be generated automatically!

ACEView API Documentation

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Code Complete & ACEView Updates

For the past few nights I’ve been working on fixes & improvements to ACEView, the framework providing the lovely syntax highlighting used in Code Complete

  • Thanks to the suggestions from vladubogdan on Github, I was able to fix the discrepancy between where one clicks and where the cursor appeared when in “Find” or “Find & Replace” mode.
  • Migrating from the old syntax highlighter to ACEView caused Markdown & Multimarkdown to stop working, this is now fixed
  • Various minor fixes & updates to ACEView were migrated to Code Complete.

I also spent time adding some very basic unit tests to ACEView, which was challenging as ACEView really has to be displayed in a GUI for it to work. The Cocoa With Love article A sample Mac application with complete unit tests was very helpful here.

Download Code Complete to see the changes in action!

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