Unboxing the Bamboo

I’ve been wanting a device like this for a long time, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually needed one. I’ve started using the online Chinese character learning service, Skritter, and have found that it really helps me learn (and remember) new words.

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8th Chinese Bridge Speech Competition – 第八届汉语桥

I took part in this competition a few weeks ago. I had to learn the below speech off by heart and present it to a panel of three judges and the audience at the Chinese Consulate in Auckland. I’m not big on public speaking.

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My China Start

The site is split into various pages, with pages for individual Chinese cities (Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Beijing being my favourites), the Chinese language, food and museums, to name a few. The site is incredibly well organized: the home page consists of a selection of small boxes, each box representing a category of Chinese sites. At first I did think this was a little weird, I’m used to sites having a main content area with either a vertical or horizontal navigation menu. After clicking around the site though, and discovering the amount of information that has been packed in, I understand why the creator chose this method of displaying the information. Now I’m used to it, I can’t see why more sites haven’t copied the layout!

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