Chinese Idiom Database Updates

I hit a brick wall with my plugin development, so I spent some time updating the Chinese Idiom Database.

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Yu Yuan

The place was called Yu Yuan, and is apparently the only site of cultural significance left in Shanghai.

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Dinner, Lunch, Old Shanghai, More Lunch, More Dinner

…declined an invitation to a karaoke evening last month, citing cultural differences. Actually I just don’t like singing unless I’m really drunk, even then…

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Empress’ House, Ruins, Return to Shanghai

By now I had become somewhat immune to the allure of Chinese historical architecture, and for this reason I have little to say about this area.

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Jing Mountain, Greedy Leader, Enamel Factory, Temple, Wangfujian Road

Its English name is “Temple of Heaven”. I don’t know exactly how big it is, because Wikipedia is blocked in China and I can’t be bothered loading my proxy program

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