Adding the Content-language Meta Tag to a Rapid Weaver Theme

Sometimes one needs to add special meta tags to a project, like the “Content-Language” meta tag, which tells robots which language is used on a site.

One way to add such a custom meta tag to a Rapid Weaver project is to add it directly to the theme’s index.html file.

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Hextractor – Website Colour Scheme Extraction

Extract colours schemes from CSSWhile reading Kenn’s excellent description of his method of managing backups with rsnapshot, I clicked a few links and ended up here: Hextractor.

It’s a site that allows one to type in / paste link / upload CSS and then extracts colours from it, combining all colours into a colour palette. I used it to extract a list of hex codes for the colours we use at ECPod, to save me the effort of using bugzilla to find element colours.

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