Using PNG Transparency + the jQuery Colour Change Plugin

A tutorial describing how to achieve the “colour change on roll-over” effect used in this site’s RSS and Twitter links in the sidebar.

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jQuery Error: ‘g is undefined’

Discovered the cause of this annoying (but seemingly impotent) error in a response by Karl Swedberg on Nabble.

The error was caused by my passing only one function to jQuery.hover(), eg:

                jQuery(this).animate({color: genHex()},100);

Hover takes two functions. Instead ‘mouseenter’ should be used:

                jQuery(this).animate({color: genHex()},100);

The error didn’t seem to have any effect on the execution of the code (at least in Firefox), but errors are errors, and the the cause should be hunted down. Always.

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Shadowbox rel=’shadowbox’ Doesn’t Work? Here’s a Workaround

Yesterday I was trying to implement a Shadowbox contact form in the Bay of Islands SPCA site, but I just couldn’t get it to work.

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