Useful Mongo Resources for NoSQL Newbs

I’ve been using MySQL for years, and am very comfortable with it. A little too comfortable.

Keen on investigating this ‘NoSQL‘ business, I decided to pick one of them to get started with. Out of Cassandra, Hypertable, Mongo and Redis, I found Mongo’s docs the most friendly.

Coming from a heavy SQL background, I can so far say only this: NoSQL is strange. I find the possibilities that Mongo opens to me exciting, confusing and a little unsettling all at once. I’m itching to get started on a project using Mongo, but have so far limited myself to ‘play’ data, in an effort to grok the concepts involved.

Although I’m not yet comfortable with Mongo yet, I’ve come a long way from the total confusion I experienced at first, thanks mainly to the following resources and applications:

And obviously, the Mongo Docs themselves.

If anyone reading this knows of more helpful and noob-friendly Mongo resources, please let me know!

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