Search Box Above Nav Menu with Rapidsearch 2.0

This is a short tutorial that aims to explain how to place a search box at the top of the sidebar, above the navigation menu. This will require some fiddling with code – don’t be afraid! I’ll do my best to walk you through it.

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Styling JS-Kit Comments

Styling JS-Comments is really quite straightforward. I strongly recommend you read this post before moving on, as it contains tips on resizing JS-Kit elements, such as the width/height of comments, among other things.

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Fancy Footer

So I created a PHP script that is included in the “Prefix” of my blog pages. It consists of one function that is passed a few pieces of information, and spits out a nicely formatted footer section.

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Scroll to Anchors With jQuery

This post will introduce and explain the “scroll to anchor” method I have used throughout this site. For a demo, click “scroll to Comments”, which you’ll find above.

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Chinese Idiom Database Updates

I hit a brick wall with my plugin development, so I spent some time updating the Chinese Idiom Database.

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