The Stiz - Audio for WooCommerce

The Stiz - Audio for WooCommerce is a plugin for the excellent WooCommerce online shop plugin for Wordpress. Built in collaboration with The Stiz Recording Studio, it allows you to upload preview audio files for your WooCommerce products, which will be made available to your visitors with the excellent MediaElement audio player library.

Core Features

  • Increase sales by allowing shoppers to preview tracks on shop list pages, instead of forcing them to first go to the product's detail page.
  • Improve the interactivity of any online store in the entertainment industry.
  • Keeps your media library tidy by uploading preview files to their own folder.
  • Preview files are protected against casual downloading.
  • MediaElement allows for a cross-platform CSS customizable player.
  • Various options for configuring player & shop list preview items.


Get The Stiz - Audio for WooCommerce

This plugin is available using the standard Wordpress plugin process. On the 'add new plugins' page, search for The Stiz. Alternatively one can download the latest version here The Stiz - Audio Preview for WooCommerce

This Wordpress plugin is open source. For the latest version, or to report an issue, visit the WP Raptor GitHub page.