Raptor Editor for Wordpress

WP Raptor is a plugin for Wordpress that not only replaces the standard editor with Raptor Editor, it also allows one to edit posts in place.

Core Features

  • Removes the need to have two tabs open to perfect your post content & layout - with Raptor Editor fully integrated into Wordpress, one can write & update Wordpress posts in-place!
  • Use Raptor Editor on the main post editing screen, dashboard quick edit and even when viewing your posts in place.
  • WP Raptor combines the power of Raptor Editor with Wordpress' inbuilt media library. Upgrade your Wordpress editing capability without losing access to your existing media library!


Get Raptor Editor for Wordpress

The Raptor Editor Wordpress plugin is available using the standard Wordpress plugin process. On the 'add new plugins' page, search for Raptor Editor. Alternatively one can download the latest version here Raptor Editor for Wordpress

As with Raptor Editor, the Wordpress plugin is open source. For the latest version, or to report an issue, visit the WP Raptor GitHub page.