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If you’re going to build an active and engaging site, you have to start with the basic building blocks. Your Meta data is one of these blocks!
Proper use of meta data allows you to take control of how other entities view your site.

For some background information about meta tags, and suggested use, see the following:

Meta Mate Basic Usage

Meta Mate provides an easy to use and feature rich interface to manage and optimize your RapidWeaver project's meta information

These articles will provide a guide to the effective usemap of Meta Mate.

When adding a Meta Mate page to your project, Meta Mate will scan the project and add one entry for each page to its "Project Pages" table.

As Meta Mate adds your project's pages, it will extract any current meta information and add it as well. This meta information can be viewed by selecting a page in the Project Pages table - it will be listed in the Page Metadata" table.

To modify a page's meta data, select first the page, then the meta you wish to modify. Inside the metadata control box (click the image below for a close-up), use the "Name" popup button to select the predefined Open Graph name, or select "Custom" to enter your own.

When you're ready to apply your modified meta data to your project, press "Apply". Meta Mate will backup your project's current meta data, then replace it with its own.

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To learn more about Meta Mate, continue on to the predefined meta article.

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